How to get your hands on some free PUBG loot this weekend

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been pretty popular lately. So, in celebration of the gaming coming to console, Xbox ANZ is doing something awesome.
PUBG is coming to Xbox very soon so to promote that, Xbox ANZ has an awesome event lined up for this weekend.

What’s happening this weekend?

A supply crate will drop in each of these 3 major cities: Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We don’t know exactly where in those 3 cities but we’ll find out more at 9am (AEDT). You’ll find in these supply crates a whole bunch of awesome loot.

What’s in the PUBG supply crate?

According to Xbox ANZ, the supply crates will contain:

  • Xbox One X consoles
  • Elite Controllers
  • Xbox Live codes
  • PUBG loot
  • PUBG game codes (For Xbox since this event is for the Xbox launch)

How do I get involved?

You have to keep an eye out for the exact location details and a secret code. On the day, you head to the location, find the supply drop and repeat the code in order to win some prizes.
You’ll be able to get all this info from the Xbox ANZ page. There are also separate Facebook events for each city:

The Xbox Game Preview for PUBG starts on the 12th of December. You can pre-order the game from Xbox here.
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Image: Xbox