Where to get the best coverage of PAX Aus

PAX Aus is on at the Melbourne Convention Centre from October 26-29. PAX is one of the biggest gaming conventions down under. will have the best coverage from the 2017 edition of Australia’s biggest gaming convention. We’ll be posting up-to-the-minute news, latest reviews, real-time highlights from around the exhibit hall, panels and tournaments on all of these channels:

All our social will be hosted by Miggiato (@miggiato) ???? We’ll be walking around with our awesome GTG hats so if you see us around, come up and say hi!

What is PAX?

PAX is a geek and gaming convention hosted across several major cities including Seattle, Boston and Melbourne.
Here’s a brief list of some of the cool stuff happening at PAX:

  • PAX Arena – esports tournaments all weekend long
  • All the booths! – Xbox, Intel, Twitch, Ubisoft, Lenovo, just to name a few
  • Panels – Storytime with Burnie, the panel and so much more

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Where is it?

The event will be at the Melbourne Convention Centre:

Once inside the convention centre, here’s the general map overview of PAX: