Genital Jousting: Hands On

Genital Jousting is funny as hell and is best served as a multiplayer: laugh out loud with mates experience. I tested the limits of my marriage (video below). Hilarity ensued!!!

Free Lives

The team at Free Lives are freakin’ weirdos, and I love it! From the team previously known for their widely acclaimed platformer Broforce, comes the rude and crude Genital Jousting. You are essentially a cock and balls with a butthole thrown in for good measure. This is most definitely an R18 experience. If you are reading this as a teenager you will love it, but don’t expect your parents to be so thrilled!


In multiplayer mode, you play various mini-game type modes including a date night! This is where the game is at its best. Playing with friends either in person or online is absolutely hilarious! Flop it around, eat things with your posterior, it’s weird, it’s fun and it’s an absolute crack up.
Genital Jousting


There’s also a single player story mode which has you play as ‘John’ in his attempt at finding a date for his upcoming school reunion. You complete tasks such as brushing your ‘teeth’, having a shower and all sorts of other mini-game type situations. It’s a pretty good way to hone your skills but is essentially the weaker of the two main modes. You want to play this with mates, laughing your heads off the entire time.
Genital Jousting


The game handles well and after a wee while. With the game, it is very easy to get your piece where you want it. Genital Jousting will have you cringing and laughing at very regular intervals. It’s a hell of a lot of fun but only with the less serious of your mates.
You can find the game on Steam here.

Playthrough video

Check out the video of my less-than-impressed wife and I playing it. (I knew she’d hate it! There is no doubt a fair amount of swearing so definitely not for younger eyes or ears):


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