GenerOZity is back this weekend!

Livestreamed Twitch charity marathon GenerOZity, which raised AUD$17,500 at their last outing and a total of AUD$47,000 over the last 3 events, is set to broadcast again across the Australia Day long weekend.

The show will be streamed live on GenerOZity’s Twitch channel, as well as simulcast upon their website, commencing at Midday on Friday, January 26th and ending at midnight on the following Monday.

A huge selection of YouTubers, Twitch streamers, eSports organisations, podcasts, community groups and performers will be joining forces to raise money for mental health awareness and care within Australia through NSW-based CheckPointcharity.

With a current standing roster of over 40 content creators, including talent SuperAngryBrothers, HaiImBelle, PieByPie, JackHuddo, ChinglishTV, DyoshiiTV, and with a total follower-count measured in millions, the event also functions as a showcase of Australian digital talent on a global stage; smaller channels and unique acts will be taking place alongside industry giants, all collaborating together for a bigger, united cause.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for exclusive merchandise giveaways during the stream!


As per usual with GenerOZity this is subject to change and anyone could turn up at any time:

Friday 12:00 Opening Ceremony
13:00 Phizzi, JDudeTV, Townie Harry Potter Recital Extreme
16:00 Rubeeplays Overcooked
18:00 SuperAngryBro Cuphead
20:00 Haiimbelle VRChat
22:00 Dance-off! (hosted by Kittycanteven & Whipflash191) Just Dance


Saturday 0:00 AnomallyXX H1Z1
2:00 Letofski Dark Souls
6:00 Steakloins Skyrim
8:00 PieByPie & KatDoesThings Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
10:00 TBC Just Dance
11:00 Vondle Fortnite
13:00 AGPN Podcast
15:00 TheGeef Dead by Daylight
17:00 JackHuddo Runescape
19:00 ChinglishTV World of Warcraft
22:00 Yug’s OUYA showcase OUYA Showcase


Sunday 0:00 LiftYourGame They are Billions
3:00 DarkViperAU GTAV Classic% Speedrun
10:00 Planet 1UP Monster Hunter: Worlds
12:00 Respawn Ninja Meme Stream Team Meme Stream
13:00 MikamiHero Zelda: Ocarina of Time Ganonless%
14:00 TBD TBA
15:00 Kiraleelee & MrMattyMouse Pokemon: Nuzlocke
17:00 JamesTurnerYT & KryticZeus The Sims 4
21:00 Camelworks Elder Scrolls
23:00 DyoshiiTV Dauntless
3:00 Wizargh & APAdamson Mount Your Friends
4:00 An_Unclean_Hippy Dark Souls II
5:00 Tassyhole Crash Bandicoot
6:00 Nijel The Elder Scrolls: Legends


Monday 8:00 Bluntnate Minecraft
11:00 Divane Smite
13:00 Livibee Starcraft II
16:00 I Speak Giant Dungeons & Dragons
18:00 Pixel Party Injustice 2
20:00 EmmatrixTV Fortnite
22:00 Final Tournament Nidhogg II
23:00 Finale D&D Dungeons & Dragons