Gaming most popular form of digital entertainment in Aus – IAB

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Australia or IAB has released their digital entertainment and lifestyle research results for 2019 in two great reports (Available HERE)

The results make or some interesting reading if you are in advertising and marketing, namely due to the huge rise in gaming as the leader in Australian households digital entertainment, outshining video and movies by 4% & music by a whopping 30%.

In fact, year on year gaming has seen a 15% increase based on the time periods measured:

It is interesting to note that this does not include console play in this data, which would make us think that if included these percentages could be larger. Of the measured devices, Smartphones saw the largest share of devices used for gaming, Mirroring previous reports. Followed up by Tablet and PC.


Gaming is quickly becoming the top advertising audience in Australia and the advertising industry has noticed!

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