Get cats on your phone! Furistas Cat Cafe has launched on iOS & Android

Fellow cute animal-loving mobile gamers! Prepare yourself for an awesome game from a local Dunedin game developer in New Zealand ???? Furistas Cat Cafe is here and it is so so cute! We’ve got details on the game plus details about a special competition.

Tell me more about the kittehs

In the game, you run a cat cafe. You don’t just have any old cats there, each cat has their own unique personality. As you manage the cafe, you need to match customers with the perfect cat for them.
Here’s the feature breakdown:

  • Adopt unique cats for your cafe
  • Match customers and cats
  • Decorate your cafe
  • Watch quirky cats and just as quirky customers

Did you say local NZ dev?

Yes, yes I did! Personally, I’ve played many an hour of their previously released games: Flutter, Starlight and Splash. They’re all very relaxing and beautifully-designed mobile games.
I love supporting local devs in the ANZ region because we’ve got a lot of gaming chops around here. So, when we get news like a game launch, we gotta show the love!

Now tell me more about that competition!

Are you a cat-lover IRL? Have a furry friend that you love heaps? Why not feature them in Furistas?
Furistas Cat Cafe Competition
The winning cat will be drawn by Runaway’s artists and added to the game! You’ll need to keep an eye out for how to enter when the competition goes live. Follow Runaway’s social channels here: Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Where can I get the kittehs?

You can get the game for free on either iOS or Android! Also, for the iOS peeps: if you hop onto the App Store and have ‘Today’ open, you’ll see Furistas Cat Cafe right at the top of the feed!