Fortnite Season 4 – New battlepass, skins, sprays and emotes!

Everything to do with Fortnite Season 4!

Fortnite just released their new update, meaning new skins, new challenges, and a new.. area?

Fortnite Loading Screen

The theme of season 4 is Superhero’s. These are the skins/sprays/dances etc. for season 4!

What got destroyed?

With all the speculation and Easter eggs, we were almost CERTAIN that Tilted Towers was getting blown to bits, but surprisingly it was actually Dusty Depot! Dusty Depot, now renamed Dusty Divot is a huge crater in the ground with a large amount of buildings inside the crater.   Dusty Divot

Orange Shirt Kid

Does everyone remember how the lovable Fortnite Kid got scammed out of the #boogiedown dance contest? Well victory was served, and our prayers were answered.  HE GOT HIS DANCE!

I will be using this no matter what, out of pure support for Fortnite Kid. Big respects to Epic for actually going to the lengths of adding this awesome dance.