Fortnite’s rocket launch event has left rifts scattered around the map

One of the biggest events to happen in Fortnite has just ended.

Fortnite’s Rocket Launch event was a complete success. Reports have come in from many players who were lucky enough to jump on Fortnite when the event was happening. Players have said that they witnessed a rocket fly through the sky, leaving a trail for the whole lobby to see, but also saw to everyone surprise, the rocket bouncing from portal to portal.
The players who were online during the event said that they had to sit through minutes of queue times, just to log into the game itself. Other players were also commenting on the lack of morals some players had (looking at you, John Wicks!) with various players dying only moments before the hugely anticipated rocket launch
Fortnite user and Redditer, Discount_Pringles, posted this image with the caption “Proof that the fracture is steadily growing. (With time frames)”
The image shows the fracture or a space rift in the sky that is slowly opening. Maybe we will see Tilted Towers be sucked up or destroyed!

Fortnite Rocket Event
Credit to Discount_Pringles on Reddit

For anyone who missed the event, here’s a fantastic video from Polygon!

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