Fortnite reveals Boogiedown contest winner!


At the end of March, Epic Games announced their Boogie Down Contest for Fortnite players to create and record their own dance for Fortnite with the winner getting their dance implemented into the game. As hundreds and even thousands of entries flooded social media, it was all up to Epic Games to make the right decision.
The contest closed on April 10th and took Epic a few weeks to decide the winner. Epic announced it through a video, and here’s the video!

Prizes, Winner and runner-ups

The winner of the #boogiedown contest was Populotus. Congratulations!! Not only will he get his dance be turned into an emote in Fortnite Battle Royale, but will also receive:

  • an Exclusive IRL Boogie BOMB
  • 10,000 V-Bucks
  • Disco Cosmetics (Funk Ops, Sparkle Specialist, Disco Brawl and a Disco Glider)


  1. @Populotus –
  2. bamthedancer –
  3. @FrostyBayo –
  4. @SneakyBroArt –
  5. @Loserfruit –

Community Reactions

Along with every contest, there will always be reactions, funny moments and some sort of controversy. One dedicated Fortnite fan known as FortniteKid (@Kid_Fortnite12) submitted his contest entry… the day after the announcement of the contest with his dance. This entry was not like the other entry, this entry completely blew up in not just the Fortnite community.
FortniteKid’s video has (as of the 23rd of April) 1.06 million views on Twitter with 16,691 retweets and 38,723 likes on his 28-second dance video. With a mass following by his side, everyone seemed to be cheering on FortniteKid to win the #boogiedown contest and have his graceful dance available for us to buy as an emote. (FortniteKid placed #23)
With the announcement of the winners and the realisation that FortniteKid did not win the competition, outrage sparked in the community. Then, petitions such as the “Make orange shirt kid winner of the boogie down contest” started up. The petition grew to over 3000 signatures in 10 hours.
FortniteKid may not have won the contest, but he is probably the best thing to happen to the Fortnite community with memes and remixes to every song imaginable.
Check out Fortnite’s official post here for the full list of winners and prizes as well as the Judgement Criteria.