Fortnite Funko Pop Vinyl leaks reveal the first wave of figures!

Company’s always want to jump on a bandwagon to give their fans the latest craze. Fortnite has been blowing up this year and Funko, the creators of the beloved Pop! Vinyl, have created a Fortnite themes series of collectables.
Earlier this week it was teased that we would get a Rex vinyl by the official Funko and Fortnite twitter;

What Fortnite Skins were leaked to become Pop! Vinyls?

Recently, a credible Pop! leaker, @serlentpops leaked on Instagram, that we would be getting more than just Rex in the first wave of Pop Fortnite figures.
Serlentpops said that these Fortnite skins will be coming as Pops for the first wave;

  • Rex
  • Skull Trooper
  • Moonwalker
  • Tower Recon
  • Cuddle Leader
  • Omega
  • Brite Bomber
  • Raptor
  • Love Ranger
  • Black Knight
  • Merry Marauder
  • Highriser Assault Trooper

I definitely will be collecting the Fortnite series of Pop!

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