Fortnite Leaks! New Skins, Gliders, Backblings, Emotes & More!

Over the last few hours, an extremely creditable source, DieBuddies has released a series of leaks on Twitter such as the Loading Screen’s for week 7, 8 and the Blockbuster reward as well as brand new emotes and skins.

Disclaimer: Take these leaks with a grain of salt, they do come from a credible source but everything can be changed/cancelled.


Visitor; First, we have what looks like 4 new skins and a v-buck package. The v-buck package looks very similar to the current $5 one we have, with the skin + bonus v-bucks for each player to purchase. The leak shows a brand new skin and back bling with the v-bucks purchase.
Dark Eagle & Dark Ninja; The 2nd and 3rd skin that is shown looks very similar and could be a male and female version of each other.
WWII Pilot; The 4th skin shows a man in a green gasmask with 2 grenades on his belt.
Soccer Skins; We also have 8 soccer skins that may also be released, there will be 4 different kinds and each skin will have a female/male counterpart.

Backblings, Pickaxes and Gliders!

We have a tonne of Backblings, Pickaxes and Gliders, meaning each skin should come in a matching set, we can see a few out of place Gliders such as the prehistoric pterodactyl one that doesn’t match any of the leaked skins so far.

Brand new emotes!

Matching with the soccer theme, we have a Soccer Juggling emote and a Red Card emote that will be available on the store.I have a feeling we will see another T-Rex or Dinosaur themed skin in the store with the gliders and the dance moves.

Loading Screens

We have the Blockbuster and Loading Screen for Week 7 leaked, as well as the Loading Screen for week 8!

New Grenade Item!

A new grenade item was also leaked, The Gas Grenade or the Stink Grenade! I am guessing it will be somewhat similar idea to the Smoke Grenade, releasing a cloud of gas that will damage players like the Storm does?

All credit to credible leaker;