flybuys Shake ‘n’ Shop game: loyalty program launches in-app mobile game

flybuys has just released an in-app mobile game called Shake ‘n’ Shop. Learn more about how the game works, how to access it and how long the game will be available.

Details from the press release

For our friends outside of Australia, flybuys is a loyalty program associated with stores such as Coles, eBay, Target, etc.
The company has just announced that they’ve built a game into their existing flybuys app. The game allows members to win bonus offers as part of the flybuys program. This is how flybuys describes the game:

The game allows members to catch deals that fall from the sky in a virtual trolley that moves with the shake of a hand. There are more than 50 offers available to win, including offers at Coles across deli, fresh produce and pet food, up to 10x points on eBay and 20,000 bonus points when you book any escape with flybuys Travel.
These offers come in addition to the rewarding bonus points members can already claim through the flybuys app, online or instore.

In terms of mechanics:

  • Users can play the game 3 times a day
  • Users can claim one offer per day
  • Said offer needs to be activated in the Offers tab

Of course, to do all of this you need to 1) Be a flybuys member and 2) Download the flybuys app on iOS or Android.
More importantly, the game is available from today until Sunday, 17th March 2019.


(Full disclosure: I am a flybuys member and frequent Coles shopper)
My first impression was that this was a completely separate mobile game. The fact that it’s an in-app game makes it interesting. So interesting, that I reckon a breakdown of the whole thing warrants its own opinion article. So, please keep an eye out for that this week! I’ve downloaded the flybuys app and will be giving Shake ‘n’ Shop a few goes.