The First Challengers of the MDI Proving Grounds Reveal Themselves – World Of Warcraft

With reset day that will kick off week 2 of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational Proving Grounds under 24 hours away, the first 22 teams from the APAC region have already secured the position in the leaderboard by completing five +23 unique keystones in time. This list includes popular ANZ streamers ach_oce and Quin69, with Quin surprisingly qualifying in the 22nd position, which shocked many in comparison to his 9th place qualification in 2017.
No shock came in the form of the returning global runners up and champions from APAC in Honestly and Free Marsy respectively. The teams coming in at 12th and 20th, it seems this year they weren’t so keen to rush to the blocks to qualify compared to last years first and second spots. With each team representing ANZ valiantly from each faction, it will be exciting to see if the rosters on each team can reach the same heights they did in 2017. Below is the changes we have seen from both teams in this year’s proving grounds. Note that these 2017 compositions are featuring their lineups from the tournament realms, and the characters used in the 2018 proving grounds are likely to change once the tournament realm becomes available.

2017 Composition
Pumps (Guardian Druid)Misaka (Restoration Druid)Meod (Balance Druid)Nibren (Assassination Rogue)Warler (Affliction Lock)

2018 Composition
Angrypeter (Blood Death Knight)Misaka (Restoration Druid)Tareye (Marksmanship Hunter)Warler (Affliction Warlock)Yogurt (Windwalker Monk)
Free Marsy
2017 Composition
Brathx (Guardian Druid)Xerase (Restoration Druid)Erø (Subtlety Rogue)Poom (Marksmanship Hunter)Retrofresh (Fury Warrior)
2018 Composition
Brathx (Guardian Druid)Xerase (Restoration Druid)Dotrofresh (Affliction Warlock) –  – Erø (Subtlety Rogue)Æree (Marksmanship Hunter)
Taking a look at the changes in composition, we can see the ridiculous tank meta, where Brathx has qualified as only one of the 6 teams globally that have qualified without a Paladin, Death Knight, or Demon Hunter tank. Further to support almost everyone’s claims within the higher Mythic+ community that immunities are forcing composition changes, both Honestly and Free Marsy have featured Marksmanship Hunters, for their utility with both Aspect of the Turtle and Feign Death. Hopefully we’ll see a bit more variance on the tournament realm once players are able to customize their characters to the full extent.
We’ll be keeping up with all of the progression from all of the teams through the next week as the tournament realm draws closer and closer. After managing to work through some progression on some +20 keys, maybe I can even try qualify myself? Let us @gotogame know how your progress as you try to qualify is going, and what you think of the current meta that we’ve been forced into.