Congrats to FaZe Clan: winners of IEM Sydney 2018!

Despite a very very shaky start to the beginning of Map 3, FaZe have been able to win the IEM Sydney 2018 grand finals against Astralis! We have our recap here of what went down and how it went down. Read how FaZe were able to win.

FaZe had some slow starts to each map. Astralis were showing their strength in the pistol rounds. But, FaZe were able to show that despite the early rounds, they’re still able to win back later rounds.

Map 1 – Cache

Astralis 17 | FaZe 19

The first half started with FaZe on T and Astralis on CT side. Despite FaZe winning the first round, Astralis were showing the strengths in the following rounds. FaZe evened the score bringing it to 3-3. FaZe then picked up the next 5 rounds. Once FaZe hits a score of 10, Astralis started to take back rounds once the score 10-12 with FaZe having the advantage. Astralis started to take the lead after this until it evens up for both teams at 15-15. From here on out, both teams win round after round each as they climb to 17-18 with FaZe in the lead. However, on the next round, FaZe were able to win the round and the map after a very tense round!

Map 2 – Overpass

Astralis 20 | FaZe 22

Astralis showed their early round strength again as Map 2 started. FaZe don’t win around until Round 4 when the score is up to 1-3 in Astralis’ favour. FaZe evens up the score to 3-3 though in the 6th round. With Astralis on T side, device and dupreeh were able to push forward with a bomb plant to bring the score to 3-4 their way. But, FaZe evens it up again to 4-4 with rain dealing damage to dupreeh as he tries to plant the bomb. FaZe continue to win several more rounds until the score is 8-14. FaZe switch over to T side where they’re able to find more opportunities to enter the bomb sites. Somehow, the score evens out to 15-15 after several more rounds. Then 18-18. The next few rounds are back and forth wins between Astralis and FaZe with FaZe managing a 2 round lead until they reach 19-21. While Astralis cinch one more round, FaZe took the map once they hit a score of 20-22!

Map 3 – Train

Astralis 14 | FaZe 16

The first 10 rounds of the map were looking excellent indeed for Astralis who had a score of 10-0. Their strong defence was difficult for FaZe to penetrate. FaZe were able to win a couple of rounds as T but came into the second half with a big disadvantage. Once FaZe moved onto CT side though, the whole story changed. Their defence had some openings leaving Astralis to take a few rounds but they had the advantage as CT. It looked like they were able to predict which way Astralis approached bomb sites with FaZe able to mow down players through entrances. FaZe played very confidently in the second half of this map.

Keen for the round by round recap?

You can follow exactly what went down at the live blog here!

Image: ESL

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