Farlight: Mission Critical Comes to Kickstarter June 26!

Announcing Farlight: Mission Critical

You’ve completed all sorts of missions both near and far, and as a result, your corporation is projecting record profits this quarter! And while the suits are happy, you and your crew want to up the ante and take on the missions only the brave (or foolish) attempt. Sure, you might be pressing your luck too far, but when you think of the massive paydays you could achieve (or at least the great PR), the pull of the distant stars is too much resist. After all, fortune favors the bold, right? Commence Farlight: Mission CriticalFarlight: Mission Critical
Farlight: Mission Critical offers five daring new missions for Farlight that feature a unique countdown die mechanic. If you can succeed the benefits will be substantial, but if you fail the mission or can’t complete it by the time the die expires, the losses to your ship and resources could be devastating!
New to Farlight? You can also pick up the base game along with Mission Critical at a great price! Click here to learn more about Farlight. 
Farlight: Mission Critical

Farlight: Mission Critical will be launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday, June 26 at 11AM EST, so get your crew ready to ship out!