Facebook Gaming – Sydney Gaming

With a brand based on the city of his youth, Tony launched Sydney Gaming in February of 2021 as a way to connect during the pandemic; “Initially started streaming to friends and family, showing them wherever they wanted to go in the world in [Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020]. I continued to stream my flights (often to no viewers) as I taught myself how to fly, including lots of crash landings. Over time random viewers started visiting my channel, liking and following. I devoted more time to the stream, realising I enjoyed interacting with viewers and saw that my stream had started to grow.

The Journey So Far

Having grown up in Sydney, Tony spent six years in London and travelling the world, working in many different industries. Now working full time, with two children under ten years old, Tony enjoys streaming as a way to connect: “Creating a thriving community through my channel. They get to know me through our daily interactions and although I have never met any of them, I feel that I have gotten to know them too.

In addition to Tony’s relaxed style, friendly personality and engagement with his viewers, Tony has made his flights an all-encompassing audio-visual experience and these improvements to the content are ongoing: “Background stream music is now sourced through Epidemic Sounds (rather than YouTube) and I often tailor the music playlist to suit the location I am flying (so I play Spanish music when flying over Spain, for example). The Stream Deck has allowed me to add some cool graphics to my stream to thank viewers for stars donations, new follows and supporters.

The Future on Facebook Gaming

Creating content provides its own rewards, and for Tony that’s achieving the goals that he has set for the channel: “The first 100 followers, which were the hardest to get. Then the first 1,000. Then hitting 5,000. Now aiming for 10,000. Celebrating these milestones with my followers and supporters and continuing to set new goals. Other best memories are the funny moments, which normally involve me accidentally crashing and debriefing with the viewers as to why it happened.

One of the goals Tony had set for Sydney Gaming was to become a Facebook Gaming Partner, something Tony had been striving towards achieving in 2021 has now become a reality. For Sydney Gaming, Tony sees this partnership as an opportunity to “both grow my channel and to help Facebook Gaming become the number one gaming stream provider in Australia/NZ and the world. For me it is recognition for the hundreds of hours I have put into my channel and it is also a reward for my community for their continued support.

This journey as a Facebook Gaming partner alongside goto.game will “…help take Sydney Gaming to the next level through mentoring and strategic advice.”

You can catch Tony on Sydney Gaming every night on Facebook Gaming, with new highlight videos coming soon!