Facebook Gaming – Oxxide

In this Creator Spotlight, we talk to Oxxide, our latest  Facebook Gaming Partner.

The Journey So Far

Originally from the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, Oxxide finished his studies in Queensland before moving to North Brisbane. He is a father of two beautiful girls and manages an I.T Support Company full-time.

“Generally I’m a quiet guy at home, but absolutely love having a community to talk to. Love having fun, mucking around, stirring the plot occasionally, and just all out have fun in everything I do.”

Oxxide started streaming when he started playing Fortnite, “at the time I didn’t know what streaming really was, or whether I could even do it, you know you always have your favourite YouTubers and that’s what got me into it.”

He loved being able to have a chat with people, to be able to ask people how their day was and to have great conversations. “I never once thought I’d still be streaming today. But here I am 3 + years later, and still love every aspect of it.”

When asked what his favourite memories of gaming and creating content have been so far, Oxxide said that meeting new people, viewers, players and streamers has allowed him to build some amazing friendships.

The Future on Facebook Gaming

Oxxide loves playing FPS games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but you can catch him playing Fortnite, GTA and a little bit of Horror. When asked what content we should be excited to see from him next he said, “Mostly Fortnite, but also this will allow me to see more community custom games, and hopefully a lot more variety as well!”

Oxxide main goal is to reach 1K followers on Facebook Gaming. You can catch them live streaming at fb.gg/oxxideau and follow Oxxide on;

Twitter: twitter.com/oxxide_

YouTube: youtube.com/oxxide

TikTok: tiktok.com/@oxxide_

Instagram: instagram.com/oxxide_

Facebook: facebook.com/oxxideau

Twitch: twitch.tv/oxxide_