Facebook Gaming – Lucky Chappy

Dylan ‘Lucky Chappy’ Chapman grew up in Newcastle, Australia and spent seven years in the Army as a Heavy Diesel Mechanic.

“I left and am now a qualified trade instructor who can teach the trade. I am currently studying a Diploma of Youth Work to hopefully go into becoming a Case Manager in the social services/youth services field—alongside streaming until the day comes that streaming can hold down the fort.”

The Journey So Far

The time with the Army helped develop Dylan’s confidence, public speaking, discipline and toughened him mentally.

As much as I did not enjoy my time overall in the Army (I had plenty of good times), I can confidently say it did help shape who I am today and help set myself up for success.

It helped me buy my first house, buy my first car and most importantly if I hadn’t posted to the location I did while in the Army, I never would have met my now Fiancé

Creating content since he was 12 years old, making RuneScape Music Videos, Lucky Chappy found inspiration watching YouTubers like Ali-A, Hutch, Mr Sark, Seananners. This led Lucky Chappy to create Call of Duty montages and game reviews, however, he never posted or published them.

His own drive to publish his content wasn’t until 2018 when he watched a random Mixer streamer playing Red Dead Redemption 2.

“Ever since I was young, I always wanted to become a Call of Duty YouTuber, to be like YouTubers such as Ali-A, Hutch, Mr Sark, Seananners etc. As you can see, I tried a few different things and have definitely proven that it is a passion of mine.

In 2018, I was watching a random Mixer stream of a guy playing Red Dead 2 on the new Xbox One X, he had about 2-3 viewers and was enjoyable to hang out with, I then went and bought a One X and Red Dead 2 and the next day he convinced me to give Mixer a go, so I did and I was enjoying it a lot.”

After streaming Fortnite on Mixer for a few weeks, Dylan had grown his stream, upgraded his equipment, and started looking at other platforms to stream on. It was at this time that Dylan looked to Facebook Gaming. 

“In 2018, Facebook Gaming was getting started and I saw this as an opportunity to jump in at a very early stage in the game! Back then, alerts and things like that were not compatible, so you had to make workarounds to get likes or shares to pop up on the screen.”

The Future

Lucky Chappy is most excited to grow and contribute to the Facebook Gaming platform and get involved with representing Australia for Apex Legends events.

His biggest goal is to be a full-time content creator and work with Electronic Arts, Respawn and Apex Legends for early access and content creator programs.

If you’re looking for a very engaging live stream that doesn’t take itself too seriously, likes to have a laugh and a little light-hearted fun with a sprinkling of rage, Lucky Chappy is the stream for you. 

Welcome, Lucky Chappy to Facebook Gaming!

You can catch them live streaming at fb.gg/LuckyChappyGaming
and follow Lucky Chappy on;


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