Facebook Gaming – KingKitten

Dejay Reed, known online as KingKitten, is our latest Facebook Gaming Partner. 

Born and raised on the Gold Coast, KingKitten started creating content in 2019 when he got access to internet speeds capable of upload: “Mid 2019 I moved further into Brisbane City and have since become engulfed in the rich city living lifestyle – however I don’t shy away from a casual beach trip!

The Journey So Far

When it comes to engaging content, KingKitten wears the crown for personality: “Charming, bubbly, cheeky, colourful, witty… slightly sarcastic & very humorous! Humble brag aside, my community has constantly seen the drive and motivation I have especially when the content bug hits in peak times! Majority of my life is American based, so although a proud Aussie, my style matches the American scene!”

A representative of Chiefs Esports Club, KingKitten had his share of success in esports before moving to a career in content.

Prior to creating his own content, KingKitten was heavily involved in the esports scene around Australia: “I was HEAVILY involved in the Oceanic esports scene! From coaching to playing, analysing to managing – I’ve done it all within the scene… plus winning an international tournament as THE FIRST Oceanic LoL team to do so. When I finally got the internet that allowed me, I decided to chance my hand at content and haven’t looked back since!

Having spent years in the space prior to launching his own content career, KingKitten understands the importance of distribution and discoverability a a creator: “Originally being involved with creators for several years before I became one, I’ve seen the shaping of a discoverable platform – turn to the importance of social media and how active you are on multiple platforms. That’s what shapes a community, from there it’s up to you to convince them short/long form content is all worth watching!

Sports has always been a major influencer in KingKitten’s life, but sports games were not always the focus for Dejay’s content: “I originally started as a LoL streamer in 2019, late 2019/early 2020 I decided to shape my content further to my interests and niches. Wrestling being the main target… I always will have a place in my heart for League of Legends – however sports games are my niche! Wrestling/FIFA/UFC/Madden/NHL/NBA… you name it, I dabble in it!

Such style and determination in one image!

As a creator, KingKitten’s young career has already experienced its fair share of highlights, like being the first channel to ever host drops for wrestling based content on Twitch, peaking at 11,500 concurrent viewers! The highlights also get more personal: “There’d be way too many to list them all, but becoming close friends with some of the creators I had always watched has to be a big highlight. Working with companies such as 2K & EA are also an absolute highlight – who would have thought I’d see the name “King Kitten” in the game I create content on?

The Future on Facebook Gaming

This new journey with Facebook Gaming presents a platform for discoverability, motivation and new content for his existing audience: “The values and commitment to further creators on the platform is something that motivates me. I always strive to analyze my own content and constantly evolve/adapt and I feel Facebook Gaming is doing the exact same thing. After officially announcing it just recently, my community has become engulfed in excitement for exclusive content and what the future might hold for myself and them! Personally this is a huge step for me and I am so excited to dive head first and see what the future holds! Facebook has always had a huge sporting presence, I’m excited to share my version of sporting content over there!

This move also marks another milestone in KingKitten’s career as a creator: “Signing to Facebook was one of many goals I have achieved in 2021 – the rest would be numbers based analytics that I personally would love to achieve. Already being partnered on every platform I can be – already having worked with my main game and being involved in early releases, media events and exclusives. Now it’s about continuing the pressure and maintaining the level of success!

Having known our own Mathew “Judge” Brand for some time, KingKitten looks forward to working with the goto.game team in building his content and taking it to the next level: “goto.game has a strong understanding of my niche, sports games, and believes in the same process that I do. An agency that understands the needs of the creators involved is rare – goto.game from day 1 have been on the same page as myself!

You can see all of King Kittens videos on Facebook Gaming. You can also catch weekly uploads on their YouTube channel, and stay up to date on Twitter.