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The field of combat is where many gamers earn their stripes, battlefields such as Verdansk (Call of Duty: Warzone), The Island (Fortnite) and Kings Canyon (Apex Legends) have given many competitive FPS players a chance to prove themselves and make a name in the content world. Among those bold warriors is the legend FleXGamingAU, the latest creator to join the Facebook Gaming family!

The Journey So Far

FleX is Aussie through and through, a Darwinite by birth but Adelaideian most of his life, he has always possessed a competitive spirit: “I was heavily involved with sports, from Aussie Rules to football (the real one) to cricket and basketball, even some mixed netball in there, so you could guess I am a competitive person by nature, and being a Leo just heightens that”. It was only a matter of time before FleX took that energy into the gaming world.

I have loved gaming ever since I was little. So most nights when I get the kids to bed I would chill on the PC and play games and chat with some friends, and one day my 12yr old son said to me, why don’t you stream?”. 

Now after just over a year of content creation, FleX has found its audience in the FPS market, streaming Warzone, Apex legends and eagerly awaiting the launch of Battlefield 2042 like the rest of the FPS community.

Sweet setup brah! Whoever said dad gamers don’t have an eye for aesthetics needs to chat with our creators ASAP

Alongside content, FleX has dipped his toe into the esports pool with experience in Tribes and Call of Duty Modern Warfare: “playing with some mates and forming a team in CODMW19 to play competitively we went undefeated in all our scrims, proving we had something good, but like all good things, life got in the way and we, unfortunately, couldn’t keep going. It’s been amazing, massive highs, but also massive lows, but having people around you to support and help you have been the highlight for me.”

FleX has content across multiple platforms, dabbling in live and VOD content alike: “My content has changed a lot and is still changing. I was just streaming, to begin with, but now I am focused on evergreen content, like TikTok and YouTube. My work is becoming a lot more polished and I’m pleased to say it looks to be paying off”.

Handyman, outdoorsman, sports fan, or all of the above? FleX is Aussie to the very core.

The Future on Facebook Gaming

His newly minted partner badge is a perfect opportunity for viewers to see what he’s all about:

It’s an achievement, something to be proud of, wear it on your sleeve if you know what I mean.

I feel it is offering our growing community a space to meet and talk and play together, it’s a platform that can create everything you need in one spot as a community.”

“I want to set an example to my kids and everyone out there that you’re not too old to chase your dreams and become whatever it is you want!”. What an absolute champion!

FleXGamingAU streams from 9:00 pm ACST every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, now exclusively on Facebook Gaming. He also uploads new TikToks daily and Youtube videos weekly at 5 pm ACST.