Creator Analysis – JackHuddo

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In this Creator Spotlight, we have a chat with JackHuddo to showcase his 3-month growth and transition to Facebook Gaming.  

“I have been looking at Facebook Gaming and watching creators stream and upload to the platform for years. A lot of the GTA RP crew I watch are slowly moving across and I saw the platform making some big changes I really liked. 

I was offered an opportunity to bring my brand and community across and really make some big changes I wanted to make to take myself back to creating content not just being a live streamer.”

The Journey To Facebook

Moving platforms for any creator can be daunting. There is an inherent fear of alienating your audience and community. 

When asked how Huddo’s audience responded to the platform change he said, “Amazing honestly. We lost a few regulars of the channel along the way which sucks but it is going to happen when moving platforms in any case. I have a huge amount of people that support me, my content and my family and I am so thankful for those who have stuck with it and trusted the process.” 

Huddo has received tremendous support after the initial transition and has started reaching all-time highs on his content. A new platform provided a “breath of fresh air” to Huddo and his content, which introduced him to new creators and viewers. 

“The growth is insane, the platform helps creators grow with their algorithm and allows them to build incredible communities.”

Working with

JackHuddo worked with Mathew “Judge” Brand from the team to analyse and build a content and growth strategy for Facebook Gaming.

“ has helped heaps in my understanding of Facebook Gaming as a platform, what works and what doesn’t, has helped me understand my page health and growth as a creator. The only reason I currently have videos, clips and even TikTok’s scheduled out for the next week is because of Mat (Judge).”

“I have so much planned, so much content I want to produce and share. I want to do more charity work, I want to get giveaways and be able to give back to my community, I want to support the community on Facebook Gaming and help other creators. So much and so little time each day.”

JackHuddo transitioned to Facebook Gaming on August 1st, 2021. 

You can read more about JackHuddo in our first Facebook Creator Spotlight created in August.

As of September 22nd, JackHuddo started receiving recommendations through the Facebook platform that reached a whole new organic audience. 

From September 22nd to October 22nd, Huddo achieved;

  • 782.4K People Reached
  • 1.9K Followers Increased
  • 993.2M Live 3-second views
  • 55.9K Engagements
  • 40.4K Live 1-minute video viers
  • 797.2K Minutes watched (13,287 hours)

For perspective, Huddo streams an average of ~130 hours a month, 

Compared to previous months and platforms, Huddo is seeing a 23% month-on-month increase in overall watched hours for his live streaming.

You can catch JackHuddo streaming GTA RP at

Or follow him online