Facebook Gaming – Bevan Gibson


Bevan Gibson (GibsonGaming) is relatively new to gaming and content creation, but “absolutely loves it”. Born and raised in New Zealand, Bevan is your typical average Kiwi bloke. 

“Growing up, I had a relatively modest upbringing, I was working from a young age as it was something I enjoyed doing. In anything I do, I strive to do my best.”

The Journey So Far

When asked what shaped who they are today, Bevan said, “My biggest achievement in life came from when I was younger, I was the fat kid at school. At the age of 18 being 5”6 and weighing 105kg (230lbs) I was “bubbly”… not the personality, literally shaped like a bubble. I wanted a change so I put my motivation and energy into getting healthier. In a short time, I managed to shred 40kg (88lbs) off my body weight and started living life just so much better and happier!”

Bevan has only started creating content for about a year and has made some amazing progress on the Facebook Gaming platform. With over 1,000 likes and 12,000 followers, Bevan regularly live streams Minecraft and League of Legends to 300+ viewers.

With a key focus on community interaction, Bevan loves the chance to let their humour thrive. This had led to fantastic moments with the community as a whole. It’s their community that create the most memorable moments. This includes their amazing Mods.

“When I was starting out, I had a handful of viewers towards the end of my stream. That day I was, let’s just say… hydrated 😉 everyone who was still in my stream I made a Mod without even knowing them. At the time, these turned out to be the best Mods I could have picked (maybe I got lucky LOL). Included in this group was the only remaining original Mod, Amanda Hernandez, who has been there from day 1 and has supported me throughout my journey.”

Since starting their live stream Bevan has upgraded their stream through hardware and games played, however, said that it does not come close to the change they made in themselves.

“Throughout my streaming career I continue to shape myself and mature that little bit every single day, people have mentioned it is noticeable also. For a while I cut all cussing out of my streams and went towards a more PG version, however in doing this, I felt in a way like I was losing who I was. All in all when I stream, I am simply the same person I am in real life and I’ve learned not to hide who I am.”

Bevan has been grinding for Facebook Gaming Partnership for quite some time. They had met all the requirements except Engaged Followers and was getting closer. Jack Hudson from invited Bevan to the partnership program and it allowed them to fast track towards their goals.

The Future

When asked what Bevan is most excited about when working alongside Facebook Gaming they said, “Facebook Gaming has its issues, as all platforms do, however, I have stuck by Facebook through everything as I genuinely believe they offer the best chance for streamer success in the industry. Unlike these other platforms they have an algorithm, it is not based on high to low viewers but rather recommendations where everyone is going to get a chance to be recommended eventually leading to more discoverability essentially creating faster growth.”

Bevan is excited to be working with to assist in maximising their growth to build gaming into a sustainable full-time career. Working towards their goal of becoming a better streamer every day, and reaching 100,000 followers by the end of 2022.

Welcome, Bevan to Facebook Gaming!
If you’re looking for an engaging, humorous community you can catch them live streaming at