Yabai Senpai, also known as MikPwn, is next in our growing roster of amazing creators for Facebook Gaming. Yabai is a Sydney born gamer with a special passion for Anime and retro games; “I grew up in Northern Sydney and have always had a huge passion for Gaming, Anime and Music. Throughout my life, I’ve always wanted to help others through some creative outlet from myself be it entertaining on stream or creating new music. I’m a DJ of over 10 years and guitarist of 15. I love to jam out to some bangers and get lost in a massive story or world.”

Excitingly, Yabai is nearing his 5 year anniversary of content creation; “It all began on the 22nd of November 2016. I decided to chuck a sickie from work and take a look at the whole “Twitch” thing I kept hearing about. I was always really into tech and learning new things so I decided I’d give it a go. It was instant love from day 1. It was not until probably around late 2017 where I really wanted to take streaming seriously.

I wanted to create content for my viewers that was enjoyable for them. I think for me the turning point of wanting to really create content was the first time I did a DJ Set co-stream with another streamer playing Fortnite back on Mixer/Beam in late 2017. There was nothing else like it and it was a truly unique experience, the fact we were creating something so new, different and unique was insane. It was at that moment I knew I wanted to create content.

Like all creators, Yabai has his favourite gaming experiences, both on and off the stream; “Half-Life (The entire series), Spyro (the original trilogy) and Persona 5 Royal. All of these games are stand out bangers. Probably my most memorable gaming moment was actually off stream! Finishing Persona 5 Royal was by far one of the best gaming moments I have ever had. It was an incredible journey from start to finish, It was something else entirely on its own level. Some of the best 150 hours in a game I’ve ever had.”

Great games require great setups, and this is no exception, PS5 flex and all!

The experience of content creation goes beyond games as well, as Yabai has had his fair share of personal highlights; “Raising $15,000 for Beyond Blue and mental health when I was back on Mixer, Performing Live DJ Sets with Generozity and WWF to help raise money for charity, Speaking on a panel at PAX to discuss mental health in gaming and making friends with people I can happily call mates for life. Also Performing a Live DJ Set on the front page of Twitch to like 4000 people was pretty insane as well.”

After years of changing the formula and trying new styles, Yabai feels Facebook Gaming is an exciting fresh start; “As many reading this might know, I have been streaming under the “Mikpwn ” Alias since I started streaming. I’ve also been a part of another group called “Aussie Protocol” (now defunct) and also I make retro gaming videos and unboxings over on my other Youtube Channel I run with my housemate called ‘Two Retro Mates’. I feel with ‘Yabai Senpai’ I can finally fit into a medium that really does truly suit me.”

“This time I feel I have a direction of where I want to take my content and I believe that FB Gaming is the place to do it. I’ve been taking notes on the platform’s growth and discoverability over the past few months and I’ve been nothing short of impressed from what I’ve seen. I’m excited to bring something new to the platform as a partner and help diversify the content that people can enjoy on there.”

Yabai Senpai is streaming exclusively on Facebook Gaming every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Soon he will be regularly uploading VOD content on his page, but for now, you can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube!