DynastyXL, among the newest partners of Facebook Gaming, is a name well known among the Australian Warzone community. A true-blue Aussie to his core; “I grew up moving around Australia a lot as my dad worked for national rail, I lived in remote communities like Cook which is on the Nullabor and Rawlinna which is in remote WA. Once my dad left the rail, we moved to Gawler South Australia where I spent the rest of my childhood and high school years.”

Dynasty had an inspiring start to his content creation journey, beginning with great personal struggles; “At the end of 2017 myself and my two sons fled an abusive and domestic violence relationship, I was playing PUBG on my Xbox and watching Poker streams on my laptop my friend suggested to me to try out the live stream feature on the Xbox, so I created my Mixer account and started direct streaming from my Xbox. I started to watch other Mixer streamers who played PUBG and other games. I jumped into their chats and spoke to them, seeing their overlays and special alerts for followers and donations really excited me. I learned that I couldn’t do all this on my Xbox which then I started to research on YouTube everything I needed to know about streaming.

Colour coordination is on point with this setup, and what a story behind it.

Dynasty found his community in the FPS worlds of Warzone, Fortnite and PUBG, now on Facebook Gaming; “It won’t change who I am as a content creator so you will see a genuine dad playing video games with his friends and talking to his chat and community on a daily basis. In saying this I am excited for the new Call of Duty Vanguard and new Warzone Map as I play heaps of Battle Royale shooter games”.

In his 4 years of streaming, Dynasty has seen trends come and go in the content world; “There are too many to list, from lockdown streamers to the hot tub and ASMR streams to everyone thinking they will be the next Shroud or Ninja. Plus different platforms dying, the list is endless and I can only put it down to how dynamic this industry is! It’s forever changing and evolving.”

Gaming is a fluid and dynamic industry just like content creation. Dynasty’s community has also been part of his continual growth; “On Australia Day 2019 I received my largest Donation of just under $5000 which helped me purchase my 1st Gaming PC. And some of my fondest memories of streaming are the friendships I’ve made with some really great people.”

Dynasty is excited for the future of his content on Facebook Gaming; “Becoming Facebook Partnered is a huge and exclusive opportunity for myself and my community being partnered is that recognition of my achievements as a content creator and my ability to nurture and grow my community. My long-term goals are to reach 50k followers on Facebook and to be signed to Chiefs Esports Team as a Content Creator. My current short-term goal is to complete my current star goal, which has been challenged by Facebook, 100k stars by the 7th of September.”

You can watch DynastyXL live on Facebook Gaming daily from 8pm AEST, as well as stream highlights on TikTok and Youtube, and don’t forget to follow him on Twitter and Instagram.