Everything to do at IEM Sydney 2018!

If you’re as excited as we are for IEM Sydney 2018 this guide will be able to help you out with everything you need to know and everything to do during the IEM Sydney weekend!

Streamers and Influencers

Along with your favourite eSports players, there will be a lot of your favourite Streamers and Influencers at IEM Sydney! You will have the opportunity to meet people such as:

  • SerenaCSGO
  • SuperAngryBro
  • RoweyAu
  • Wyld
  • Rudeism
  • Naysy_
  • Rayjayy
  • Haiimbelle
  • CaptainKiKii
  • PieByPie
  • FaZe Hazz
  • Geekandgamergirl and
  • Obey Mario!

Signing Sessions

Signing sessions will run each day but only open for 45 minutes and are restricted to the first 200 people, so make sure to get there early to get your merchandise and gear signed! There will also be exclusive signing sessions held for Premium and Global Elite ticket holders.

Community Stage

The community stage will be available for fans of not just CS:GO to watch, play and experience games other than the main event. Games such as League of Legends If you just love CS:GO so much and just want to keep watching, ESL has announced the Women’s Sydney Open to be hosted at the Community Stage at IEM Sydney 2018. The Women’s Sydney Open will feature a prize pool of $10,000 and the chance to showcase their skills in front of the audience at the Community Stage.


IEM gives companies the chance to show off their newest products and projects that they have been working on to the gaming community. Most companies that will be at IEM will be hosting giveaways for all sorts of things such as hats, bags, stickers and more!

Main Event

The main event will start on Friday the 4th of May until Sunday the 6th of May

Friday, 4th of May

12:00 pm – Doors open
2:30 pm – Pre-show
3:00 pm – Quarter Final #1  | BO3
~7:00 pm – Quarter Final #2  | BO3

Saturday, 5th of May

12:00 pm – Doors Open
2:30 pm – Pre Show
3:00 pm – Semi-Final #1 | BO3
~7:00 pm – Semi-Final #2  | BO3

Sunday, 6th of May

12:00 pm – Doors Open
1:30 PM – Special Event & Pre Show
3:00 PM – Grand Finals | BO5
Check out the full list of teams and casters here.

Expo Hall

The Expo Hall is a great way to test out games, new products and play with friends. We can expect booths from lots of high ranking tech company’s such as Intel, HyperX, Acer and more! We might be able to see the PC building booths from last year so you can pimp out your PC while at IEM Sydney!
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