Everyone can play! #VoteYes

For everyone who participates in gaming and esports, we live in a world where we are seen only as usernames, handles & gamertags.
On the face of these names and digital profiles,  it is difficult to judge each other by sex, race or faith.
You are either a good player or not. A person that others want to play with based on the way you play and the character and values you communicate by.
The beauty is that everyone can play on merit alone.
We at believe life should be like this in all aspects. Freedom to be yourself without fear of being treated as different.
This month Australians are being asked to have their say in a national plebiscite to answer a simple yes/no question: Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?
We strongly believe that there is only one answer to this question: YES.
#EveryoneCanPlay #VoteYes
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