Epic to bring Fortnite to China with help of Tencent

Gamer’s around China are celebrating the release of the heavily anticipated release of the third person shooter sandbox game, Fortnite thanks to the help of Chinese tech giant, Tencent.

How Tencent will handle Fortnite in China

During a live presentation on April 23rd, the tech giant will reportedly spend US$15 million on Fortnite in China on marketing to the Chinese player-base.
According to the Chinese news site, Donews, Tencent will also be cracking down on illegal clones of Fortnite. A Tencent Mutual Entertainment official said that they have already developed a dedicated app assistant for Fortnite, which will be used as a way for players to learn about the game while watching videos and live broadcasts.
Tencent had acquired their 48.4% stake in Epic Games in July 2012 for US$330 million and became a major Epic shareholder.Fortnite China

Other games Tencent has worked on

This isn’t the first battle royale game they have acquired recently. They have also worked closely with PUBG developers to bring their game to iOS last year, and the US recently.
Tencent also announced plans to bring its popular Chinese mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor/Honor of Kings to the US. This includes a $500,000 esports World Cup for the Title.
The Chinese company also own Riot Games and have large stakes in other companies. These include SuperCell and MiniClip. They’ve also announced partnerships with Nintendo to publish their game Honor of Kings (King of Glory) on Nintendo Switch. This announcement caused Nintendo’s stock to hit a 9-year-high.
Fortnite China
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