Official Fortnite toys are coming

Moose Toys announced a new partnership with Epic Games to create a wide range of Fortnite mini collectibles!

Moose Toys will be the global partner for Fortnite figures. The figures will be 3 inches and under and will start with a new line of figures to be unveiled later this year. The Fortnite Battle Royale Collection will contain a huge roster of characters and miniature scale fort building sets!
Johnny O’Neal, Vice President of Marketing at Moose Toys said;

“Fortnite has the coolest characters in gaming, and we can’t wait to apply our expertise in mini-collectibles to such a deep roster. Our line will feature high-quality designs, detailed accessories, buildable forts, and a truly epic range of figures to collect.”

When will the Fortnite Battle Royale figures be released?

The figures will launch in December 2018 and will be available for purchase at stores around the world. Additional Fortnite lines from Moose Toys, ranging from micro-collectibles to battle playsets, will hit stores in 2019.