EON announces the Super 64

One of the biggest problems for retro lovers such as myself is that to play old consoles on modern hardware is almost impossible. Instead, you have to go out and find an old CRT TV to see the game properly because playing them on modern wide screens is just… A mess. It’s a mess! There’s no other way around it!

EON have heard our frustrated cries and sobs and breakdowns over wishing we could play Glover (among other Nintendo 64 games) again and said ‘yes, we understand. We will solve this and allow you to play your favourite classics on modern screens’. They’ve done this with the Super 64, a first of its kind plug-and-play retro gaming solution that allows the Nintendo 64 to connect seamlessly with modern TV’s and monitors.
The best part? You don’t have to have a degree in electronics or watch dozens of Youtube tutorials and risk permanent damage to your console to enjoy it! No external power sources, no fiddly bits and pieces!

The Super 64 also boasts a “slick mode”, promising smoother visuals which will round out the jagged edges of classic games, making for a smoother experience as well as making the visuals pop with vibrant colour and twice the resolution of the original console’s video output. Which sounds pretty impressive!
EON also promises their simple plug-and-play system won’t stress your old hardware, and goes to great lengths to stress the safety of the device. Justin Chou, Justin Scerbo and Allan Chou, founders of EON, had this to say:

“The Super 64 was designed to celebrate the console that pioneered 3D gaming. We set out to create something that respects the original hardware while delivering the original look and feel. The Super 64 is for everyone seeking to relive those classic experiences, and for a new generation for whom so many memories have yet to be made.”

The Super 64 launches in North America on July 22nd, with a retail price of $149.99USD. Unfortunately, at this stage there doesn’t seem to be any news on whether there will be a PAL version of the system so Australians and Kiwis can enjoy that tasty retro goodness, but if things change we’ll let you know!