End of an Era

With the Call of Duty World Championship wrapped up and eUnited taking the big win, it’s not surprising that there’s a lot of reminiscing and sadness through the twitter feed today.

Optic Call of Duty

With big changes coming to the Call of Duty League next season and Immortals Gaming taking over the OpTic brand, it is uncertain if we will see OpTic Gaming return to the Call of Duty World.

Now, I want to go a bit personal here. I discovered competitive COD in 2012, and the first time I ever watched was OpTic, the team at that time consisted of Nadeshot, Big Tymer, Merk and Scump. I remember being so captivated by their enthusiasm and passion, this is when I fell in love with esports.

I have been an avid support of OpTic since then, through all the changes and disappointing results, to the day they won Gold at the XGAMES and became World Champions. This weekend has been emotional for everyone who is apart of the Green Wall.

HECZ wrote a nostalgic tweet which got a lot of responses feeling very similar.

While the future of OpTic Gaming as a brand and a Call of Duty team may be clouded with uncertainty, there is no doubting the legacy it has left in the eSport world.

As long competitive CoD exists, the Green Wall will be a permanent fixture in its history, no matter what the future holds.

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