Email leaks Black Ops 4 details

Everyone is anxiously waiting for the reveal of Black Ops 4, so of course there are some leaks and rumors everywhere.
The Treyarch game will be released in October 2018, instead of November like every other COD has been for the last 10 plus games.
May 17th is the official reveal date, but as the leaks continue we may have a fair idea of what the game will be before then.
There has been one speculation that it would feature a similar play style to the likes of Overwatch and Lawbreakers.
There is also a big rumor that this COD wont have a single story campaign! This would mean this is the first ever mainline Call of Duty game to ever be released without a campaign.
Below is an email a playtester sent to youtuber “Glitching Queen” regarding testing Black Ops 4 multiplayer.

“The game has specialists, and killstreaks are tied to each individual specialist. There was also medkits. Specialists had instakill abilities similar to BO3. Advanced Movement is an option you equip while creating your Loadout.
Specialists had instakill abilities similar to BO3. Advanced movement is an option you equip when creating your loadout. There was a dev build and there were placeholders or possibly we will see these characters again. But a few BO3 specialists were playable along with their abilities.
The specialist get locked after two players chose the same one. There were 8 in total. A whole team couldn’t run the same specialist.
Guns were modern and similar to what we’ve used. Also, attachments work on a tiered system. Example; Grip Tier 1 reduce idle way move faster while aiming. Tier 2 move faster while crouched or prone.
Every character has a default tac slot and lethal filled with a medkit and the lethal with a sat com type equipment that only worked in the general vicinity. The sat come regens in your inventory.
There were some guns that resembled guns from other CoD’s as well. Also some guns felt like Vesper, Weevil, Chicom, and Sheiva. But they look a bit more futuristic.
For the second slot, you could either equip a handgun, launcher or shotgun.
I will say there were no energy weapons, however, there was a specialist that can grapple just like in AW. The movement is fluid and smooth. Climbing over obstacles and windows was seamless.
It’s like one minute you feel like you’re playing BO2, then all of sudden you see a guy boost jump or wall run and it’s oh crap, BO3, then you see another grapple right past and you’re like, AW. I guess this is why people are trying to compare it to Overwatch or Lawbreakers.
They’re designing the game to be more social where you will be at a disadvantage if you don’t gear up properly. The maps were modern, we only played two, one was a demolished city like with a church and tanks inside and outside the church.”

So will we see grapples? will it be boots on the ground?! Guess we will find out May 17th.