EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Trek Outdoor Power Bank Review

Plants vs. Zombies, Clash of Clans, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Pokemon Go & now Diablo. Whether you like it or not, mobile gaming is big business.

As a casual mobile gamer, I can’t play for longer than 45 mins and expect my battery to last a whole day. Power Banks and car charger have become almost as important as the phone itself. In the past I won’t lie, I have gone for the cheap Chinese knock-off power banks and normally get the job done…. for a little while anyway.

During PAX in November, I was taking photos, video & audio recording interviews. It ate up my battery so quickly and the so-called 15,000maH power bank I had would charge my Samsung S7 maybe 1.5 times if I was lucky. I promised myself I would invest in a better one after PAX.

Luckily for me, Christmas came early and the team at EFM sent be 2 of their new products; the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Desktop Stand & EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank to review. Which actually came at perfect timing, as I was in the market for a new one.

EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank Review

EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank

The EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank is a robust small unit with an 8,000mAh bank and handy Carabiner. It weighs only 200grams and clips it onto your bag, you will probably forget it is even there. This device was a life saver for me at the recent Melbourne Magic the Gathering Grand Prix.

Like PAX I was taking photos and video; but between rounds and while waiting for friends to bomb out, I was playing Pokémon GO (Please don’t judge me, yes, I’m still playing it) and a few other games. I realised the battery was getting low and plugged it in. over the weekend I got 3 charges from the EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank which actually shocked me, as I left it plugged in for almost 2 hours and should have overcharged it.

The EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank is equipped with Device Sensing Technology. Which protects your device from over-charging & prolonging the life of both the battery and device. Device Sensing Technology also determines the power requirement of your device and optimises the output to suit so you get the fastest, most efficient charge possible.

After experience Device Sensing Technology for the first time, I will not buy another power bank without one. This alone is worth the price. As I have a habit of putting my device on charge and leaving it; more often than not I overcharge and waste the charge.

The EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank is definitely going into my convention bag. This small robust power bank would be a great Christmas for mobile gamers, travellers or even parents with kids. As you could quite easily connect to a pram, car seat or their backpack; and not be afraid of them dropping (Unfortunately, I dropped my unit several times) or knocking it; as the EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank is a robust unit.

Key features:

  • Fully portable, wireless unit
  • Equipped with DST (Device Sensing Technology)
  • Certified to AUS safety standards
  • 5 Year free replacement warranty.


  • Weight: 200g
  • Dimensions (mm): 114Hx72Wx62D

You can get your own EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank for just $69.95 here


EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Desktop Stand

EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Desktop Stand

The EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Desktop Stand is a stunning and sleek car charger that allows you to wireless charge you Qi-compatible devices hassle-free. Unlike other wireless chargers, I have used the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount output up-to 10 Watts and offers 1.4 times faster charge rates than your standard 5-watt charger.

As previously mentioned, I have a Samsung S7, so the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount isn’t actually compatible with my phone. Luckily for me, I was able to steal my housemates Samsung S9 for a few weeks and test it out.

The first thing you notice about the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount is the quality. The air vent clip grips on extremely tightly but very easy to put on and remove; the desktop mount comes with a 3M adhesive pad, making it easy to mount to your dashboard or your desk. But it’s the magnetic mounting system that was the biggest shock. On my housemate’s phone, I had the metal ring just under her case; as I didn’t want to stick it onto her phone. Even with her plastic between the mounting ring and the magnetic charger base, I couldn’t shake it off while driving around for the few weeks I had.

EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Desktop Stand & EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank Review

I actually was about to round up the review here with an overview and release it last week. Yet this weekend I had a 4WD weekend away with a few friends; so decided to put the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount through its paces and see just how secure it was.

When we got 4WD driving, we normally have a phone or GPS unit out as most of the trails are marked (Thanks Parks Victoria). We connected my friends Samsung S9 to the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount and set off. I have been asked to not name him, and you’ll know why in a little bit. The first day was just getting to the campsite and setting up; but Day 2 we were up at 6 am, we stuck the metal ring onto his phone and he was a little shocked how quick the phone snapped onto the charging mount.

My friend is quite an aggressive 4WD driver and will always try to take the more difficult routes; but while having lunch he remarked ‘This thing is pretty bada**, but the day isn’t over!’ About 2 pm, we came to a 60-degree rock wall about twice the size of the Jeep we were in; with a smile, he turned the wheel and started to climb.

Halfway up the back tyres start spinning on some loose gravel and due to the angle; the front tyres weren’t able to drag us over the edge; or forward enough so that the back tyres would stop spinning. My friend gave it a little more gas, then a little more and all of a sudden; the back tyres found rock and took off. This launched the jeep upward and the front tyres shot over the top; then came crashing down as the weight of the engine pulled the front of the car down. Hard!

A duffle bag came flying from the boot landing in the back seat next to our other friend; he was laughing coz my friend couldn’t get up the hill and his jaw shut hard from the impact; cracking one of his teeth; the windscreen cracked and snaked towards the passenger side and lastly, the phone was knocked off the mount. Also, the mount was still in the air vent and hadn’t moved.

I would definitely not say to try this, but the magnetic mount holds extremely well, yet like magic releases with ease too.

The EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount desktop stand is the only real issue I have with this product. It is a little hard to clip onto the desktop stand; as you have to press the button quite hard to fully open the jaws and it is extremely tight to fit over the 2 plastic sections on the mount. See below picture 

EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount & Desktop Stand & EFM Trek Outdoor Power Bank Review

I can highly recommend the EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount, it is in a word, quality. The charge speed is incredible, the ease of use and the versatility of it. If you are a streamer and have chat going on your phone, or road tripping with friends and have the GPS on and the music pumping, or even if you are a business person making calls all day from your desk, the easy clip-on /off means no more cables to plug and unplug. You will love this product.

Key features:

  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • 10-Watt output – fast charge
  • 2-in-1 Car mount & desktop stand
  • Compact, sleek design
  • 5 Year free replacement warranty.

You can get your own EFM Wireless Magnetic Car Mount for just $99.95 here

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