Dynasty Feud: A new platform brawler coming out soon

Got a love of platform brawlers? Dynasty Feud is a new game you should check out. We’ve got info on its PS4 release date, platform availability and more!

What is Dynasty Feud all about?

Developed by Kaia Studios, Dynasty Feud portrays an endless feud between eight unique dynasties across multiple time periods, fighting styles and backgrounds. You can honour your dynasty, by taking part in deadly battles alongside friends or joining in random online/offline matches.
Dynasty Feud screenshot

More about the gameplay

You’ll be able to play a wide variety of up to 40 characters such as a sneaky sniper or a TNT-loving cactus. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses. By mastering these techniques you can stay alive through coordinated combat. With up to 40 characters to master in an all-out, fast-paced brawl.
Dynasty Feud the Night Party

When will Dynasty Feud be available?

Dynasty Feud will be available for a worldwide release, on the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday the 12th of December.  You can grab Dynasty Feud on Steam where it’s currently available. Also, you can buy the game from the PlayStation Store for US$14.99.

About the developers of Dynasty Feud

Kaia Studios is an Indie game development studio founded in 2015, based in Bilbao, Spain. Through producing games, Kaia Studios strives to develop video games for not only the most hardcore of gamers but for the casual gamers as well.

Check out the trailer for yourself