DUSK 1.0 Release Date Announced at Devilish ‘666’ Price

Long-awaited Retro First-Person Shooter DUSK Unapologetically Blasts its Way Onto Steam December 10th

Handcrafted retro revival shooter DUSK will officially launch v1.0 on Steam on December 10th; at a special launch price of US$16.66. Currently showcasing two of the game’s three distinct campaign episodes and arena multiplayer on Steam Early Access; DUSK has been a breakout hit for boutique label New Blood Interactive; and hosts some of the highest ratings for a first person shooter, or game of any genre, on Steam.

New Blood has also announced today; that everyone who purchased DUSK before Halloween in Early Access; will be receiving the 50+ page graphic novel for free.

Survive the night against various evildoers after waking up strung up on meat hooks; in a northeastern U.S. backwoods farmhouse and utilize a mind-blowing amount of badass weaponry; including sickles, swords, crossbows, rifles, dual-wielded shotguns and incredibly necessary grenade and rocket launchers. Battle through an onslaught of mystical backwater cultists, possessed militants and even darker forces; and attempt to discover just what lurks beneath the Earth.

Inspired by Doom, Quake, Blood, Heretic, Half-Life and other golden-era shooters; it challenges players with several game modes including the game’s main three-part campaign; Endless Survival Mode and online multiplayer arena; “DUSKWorld.” Developed by David Szymanski (The Moon Silver, A Wolf in Autumn, The Music Machine); it is set to a ridiculously raw and epic metal soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult (Rise of the Triad, Quake Champions).

DUSK is also receiving a Halloween update today that adds a 3rd endless arena; new multiplayer character and Full Controller support! Play on Steam Early Access now:

For the latest information, follow DUSK (@DUSKDev); and New Blood Interactive (@TheNewBloods) on Twitter.

Release Date:  December 10th

Price: US$16.66

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