Disney announces new additions to the Star Wars franchise

Disney’s made some big announcements today regarding the Star Wars franchise. And to think… the latest movie isn’t even out yet!
The Star Wars franchise is growing more every day with its themed-laptops, graphics cards and of course, porgs.

Star Wars: A New Trilogy?

An article on announced that there will be a new Star Wars trilogy. The trilogy will be written and directed by Rian Johnson with Ram Bergman as producer.
Rian Johnson is the director of the upcoming Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. The film is due out in Australian theatres on the 14th of December.

A fresh Star Wars story away from Skywalker

The best part of this new trilogy is that it will be exploring a different story from the Skywalkers. The Star Wars universe is vast and full of so many potential stories. It’s exciting to think about the new heroes that could come out of this new trilogy.

In shepherding this new trilogy, which is separate from the episodic Skywalker saga, Johnson will introduce new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored.

And more Star Wars

Oh and also Disney’s doing a live-action Star Wars series for its upcoming streaming service. The news almost slipped by since it was announced during an earnings call by Disney CEO Bob Iger.
We haven’t been able to find any extra information about the series yet but it looks like part of a strategy to attract people to the new streaming service.

Image: Disney