Devolver Digital’s new games and updates from PAX East!

We had a chance to demo some Devolver Digital games that will be on display at PAX East. Please enjoy our quick overview of each game including what’s new and what to keep an eye out for!
Btw, we have our own gameplay captures for these games so please keep an eye out for when we update this article with them! For now, we’ve got some short preview clips for each to tide you over. ? Please note: the captures don’t‘ include audio.
Now, for the important info…

My Friend Pedro

This one is a very interesting game. I’d describe it as a platform shooter with some entertaining game mechanics.
As you can see from the clip below, it’s sort of a pseudo-side scrolling platformer where you can jump, dodge, wall jump and shoot at your enemies.
Personally, my favourite part is being able to go into “Focus”  mode and slow time down to do some cool flips and precision shooting… Mainly because I suck at shooting games and this was a cool way to go about it.
Release date: Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in late Q2

Gato Roboto

I have a soft spot for pixel platformers not just for the retro visuals but for the retro style of gameplay (read: difficult). This one, in particular, gave me some strong VVVVVV vibes in terms of art style and the way your character moves around the environment.
Also, the main character is a little kitty named Kiki so if this isn’t the first reason why you play this game, then please go look at more cute cat pics/vids in your life.
In any case, don’t expect this game to handhold you through. Those of you who enjoy an excellent challenge will really enjoy playing this one. I’m terrible at these types of games but I still enjoyed the hell out of it.
Release date: Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in Q2 2019

Heave Ho

This one is probably the one you’ll have the most fun with your friends. Yes, you can be antisocial like me and play it by yourself but with co-op maps, this “don’t fall or you splatter” game is gonna be a tonne of fun.
Basically, each player gets a character that’s made up of a face and wobbly arms and hands. Using an Xbox controller, you use the left and right triggers to grab onto platforms while you use the thumbstick to move or swing about.
The goal? Get from the start to the finish line. But, if you fall, hit spikes or end up making silly mistakes, then you start from the beginning or a save point (the longer maps have these placed at various intervals).
From what I saw of a group playing this, in co-op, you can also link arms with your friends to reach platforms that are too far away. Of course, this all relies on everyone not letting go. So, be prepared to have someone stuff up and potentially mess it up for everyone, resulting in much laughter ?
Release date: TBA

Katana ZERO

Image: Provided by Devolver Digital

We didn’t get to play this one but it looks pretty sick. According to Devolver, it’s “a stylish neo-noir, action-platformer”. Personally, I’d like to call it a “slash and dash” type game because of the speed and stylised animations.
Check out the trailer down the bottom of this article so you can get a sense of what the game is like.
Release date: April 18 on PC and Nintendo Switch

Enter the Gungeon – A Farewell to Arms

We also have coming soon the final update to Enter the Gungeon. There will be two new characters: The Gunslinger and The Paradox (who we played).
The update is probably best described by the info from the press release:
“Battle-tested Gungeoneers will welcome the arrival of dozens of new guns and items, a new secret floor with a new boss, and the addition of community-inspired Rainbow Mode! Additional features, tweaks and, fixes keep up with the philosophy to make the player feel “more powerful, more often” implemented in the previous update.”
Release date: April 5 (On the three year anniversary too!)