Death squared Nintendo Switch review

Great game to play with friends, tricky controls make for a more frustrating 1-player experience’.  –Harry Smith (Nintendo Switch Reviewer)

Death squared is a fun and entertaining indie game that can be enjoyed in either a 1-player mode where you can control up to 4 ‘Cubes’ on one controller or with 3 friends in a much more exciting and challenging 4-player party mode.
The premise of the game is to move a set of Cubes to their respective coloured discs (pictured). In order to do this, the player must navigate the cube through a series of hazards and puzzles resulting in sometimes fun but often challenging scenarios.
These scenarios are better had when playing with one or people as it allows for fun social interactions between friends.
As a standalone experience on your own, the game is challenging yes, however over time can get quite tedious and warrants frequent breaks.
I would recommend this game to people who often have friends over to and play games as a group or for those interested in puzzle games with exponential difficulty.
As the reviewer and after playing this game for a few weeks I would say that for the price of $15 AUD it is a must buy for any switch owner who enjoys the multiplayer aspect of Nintendo Switch.
CONTROL OPTIONS: I reviewed this game for the Nintendo Switch which offers a variety of different controller configurations.
Single Player – Can be played with both Joy-Cons in either the Joy-Con Grip or standalone modes along with both Joy-Cons attached to the Switch itself. Each analog stick is used to control the respective Cube.
When controlling more than one Cube holding down the ZL and ZR or SL and SR buttons switches which particular Cube you are controlling making it a little finicky in single player.
Multiplayer – Each Joy-Con can be detached and used as a controller along with the use of the Pro Controller for three player action.
4 player requires either another Pro Controller or another pair of Joy-Cons.
HOW IT FEELS: When playing in single player depending on your preferred configuration the controls can get quite finicky and you can end up a bit confused as to which cube you are controlling at times.
Despite this, the controls are tight and responsive which is perfect for the type of puzzles you are solving.
PROGRESSION: There are 2 game modes in Death Squared, Story mode which is a single player experience where you control 2 cubes through a variety of puzzles which get progressively harder as you unlock new levels (80 in total), and a party mode meant for a 4-player experience that contains slightly harder puzzles for total of 40 levels.
When you beat a level you are given your time and amount of deaths for each cube.

Death Squared Level Select
Level Select screen

You can aim to improve both next time you decide to replay that level.
The pace of the difficulty in levels is fair and balanced and allows you to continue promptly through the game of your own volition.
CUSTOMISATION: You can customize each cube with a variety of stickers that are placed onto the cube depicting several items.
For example, on the switch version, you can make a cube look like a coin block from Mario or Bastion from Blizzard’s popular FPS Overwatch.
Death Squared Level 11
These customizations help to distinguish who is playing which block if you decided to have a party mode with more than 4 people (each player taking turns).
The developers are also talking about releasing more Nintendo specific content in the future in the form of free DLC.
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