Dead by Daylight Hosts a Scorching Summer BBQ

They say the heat can kill you, and this is doubly true when it comes to Dead By Daylight. The Scorching Summer BBQ event is set to sizzle into DBD today. So get your sunscreen and barbecue pits ready, you wouldn’t want to miss this margarita-filled party.

Scorching Summer BBQ Event

In this scorching event, you can unlock special customisation rewards by successfully completing a set of challenges. You’ll be spending your time collecting some refreshing ‘Frosty Margaritas’ and juicy ‘Survivor Chops’ in this summer gathering. Work your way towards unlocking Hillbilly’s “Pro-Pain” Hammer, and Kate’s “Free Songbird” slip dress costume. But it isn’t over once you’ve got your reward! You can keep playing to gain bonus blood points and help your friends get their items as well.
During the Scorching Summer BBQ event, you’ll gain access to special generators and hooks. Repairing the Frozen Cocktail machines will earn you some nice cooling ‘Frosty Margaritas. And skewering survivors on Grill hooks will give you ‘Survivor Chops’. You can also spawn more Frozen Cocktail machines and Grill hooks in the map by burning BBQ invitations earned through the Bloodweb.

  • START: August 7th, 15:00 (UTC) / August 8th, 1am (AEST)
  • End: August 21st, 15:00 (UTC) / August 22nd, 1am (AEST)

Summer BBQ

Event Objective

Your objective is to collect as many Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops as possible to unlock the Summer BBQ customisation rewards.

  • Every trial starts with two Frozen Cocktail machines and 2 Grill hooks
  • To spawn more machines and hooks, you can get BBQ invitation offerings in the bloodweb
  • each BBQ invitation offer played will generate 1 Frozen Cocktail machine and 1 Grill hook
  • If you play as a Killer, hook a survivor on a Grill hook for the first time to gain 1 Survivor Chop
  • If you’re a Survivor, complete repairs on a Frozen Cocktail machine tog rant all Survivors 1 Frosty Margarita
  • BBQ invitation offerings will score you bonus Bloodpoints when the above conditions are met
  • Reaching the Frosty Margaritas goal will unlock you Kate’s “Free Songbird” slip dress. The Survivor Chops goal will unlock the Hillybilly’s “Pro-Pain” hammer.
  • You can only gain Frosty Margaritas and Survivor Chops in public matches.’

Keep playing once your personal objectives are completed. Help your friends out in reaching their personal goals and earn more Bloodpoints as you go!

Where to Buy it

Dead by Daylight is available on Steam for US$19.99, Xbox One and PS4 for AU$36.00.
You can also purchase the DLCs to unlock new characters. Even if you don’t have any of the DLCs you’ll still be able to run into the locked characters played by others within the game, you just wouldn’t be able to play them. Read more about the latest update Curtain Calls.