X-Joy Games to bring lightning-fast fighter Dash Blitz to PAX Australia

X-Joy Games will be showcasing Dash Blitz as a part of PAX Rising, 26-28 October 2018.

Dash Blitz is set in the far-flung future of the Transmission Era, when humans have been augmented into superhumans, players compete head-to-head in frantic platforming combat.

The gameplay trailer here:

“There’s a lot of Smash Bros in Dash Blitz’s DNA, but also a lot of Mega Man Zero.  My goal is to make an immediately enjoyable game that still has a high skill ceiling. Something that pays homage and tribute, but ultimately goes its own way. I’ve always loved fast-paced action games, fluid platformers and mucking around in fighting games with friends, and I just wanted to bring those together.

The big thing was making a game that didn’t get in the player’s way. No matter what you’re doing, I feel you shouldn’t have to relinquish control to the game. So every attack can be cancelled really easily. You just have to jump, dash or land, and you’re instantly back in motion.”

said Michael Panagiotidis of X-Joy Games.

Currently featuring 10 playable characters and growing all the time, players can enjoy Dash Blitz’s signature attack-cancels in a variety of ways. Dash Blitz is available via Steam Early Access for $4.99 USD. PAX attendees will be able to enjoy version 0.5 with two new characters – the grappler Arrhic and the teleporter Nomad.

Blitz through the competition, and enjoy the freedom!

You can keep up with Dash Blitz here: