Damsel Review: A fast-paced platformer from Screwtape Studios

From the Australian game developers Screwtape Studios, Damsel is a fast-paced arcade platformer. Read this review and watch Will’s gameplay on Twitch.

About Damsel

As you speed through levels, you kill vampires, disarm bombs, hack servers and rescue a quick hostage on your way through each level. With each level more dramatic than the last with different objectives, strategies and vampires on each one, there will always be a new experience through the first chapter of the series.
Completing objectives is one way to get points. But, why not try to collect the mysterious arcane skulls that litter each environment? By stringing together attacks and movement you can create some intense combos using melee attacks, Damsel’s shotgun, or a deadly special dash by saving up your shots.

Watch the Early Access trailer

My experience playing Damsel

DamselPlaying Damsel, I felt the short levels fit perfectly with the game’s progressing difficulty.
I found the controls were precise and very finished with there only being 2 glitches (only one game breaking/level restarting) in the 2½ hours of streaming.
The different objectives throughout each level gave an interesting way of changing up content throughout the game, whether it be killing a certain amount of enemies, disarming bombs, saving hostages, it always made for a fresh experience, even though some levels were tedious! (spent around 1 hour on a level as it was so hard!)
The speed of the gameplay was perfect for me, as I am an avid bullet hell/fast-paced game player, but for the avid gaming fan, it may take some adjusting too. The map level design was amazing, the art fit the game. With the art being just cartoony enough for the type of game it was created for –  a perfect fit.

Damsel playthrough

Check out my playthrough of most of the levels (2½ hours):
Watch [AUS/ENG] Running through Damsel! | Come hang out! from huuu on
The game devs were ridiculously nice, giving me small (but helpful) tips throughout the stream, making it a positive experience for both me and fun for the chat to have the ability to communicate with the devs while their game was being played live.
You can follow Will Dube on Twitter @JustHuuu and Twitch.