Dallas Fuel’s “xQc” Removed from Active Roster

After an official announcement from the Dallas Fuel Twitter account (Link), it is confirmed that the Fuel’s tank player Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been taken off the team’s active roster for tonight’s match against the London Spitfire. The removal is following homophobic comments made at Houston Outlaws player Austin “Muma” Wilmot.

Lengyel was streaming at the time of the public announcement of the removal, and is shown to be saying that he had no idea about the removal, although he claims to have already been benched. You can view the moment where he finds out here. This removal follows numerous suspensions within Overwatch itself, including a 7 day ban he was given towards the end of 2017 for throwing competitive games.
There are many things wrong with this situation which may start to ask questions about OWL; the comments made by Lengyel, the mismanagement from the Dallas Fuel staff in not notifying Lengyel of his removal, and the lack of any formal punishment thus far to any of his previous actions from the League. As one of the League’s most controversial players he is pushing a lot of people’s patience to the limit, with the question being how long should this behaviour be put up with? Regardless of intent, public figures with a huge influence like Lengyel should never be making comments like that publicly.
What do you think? Should Blizzard be taking official action or should it be up to the Dallas Fuel to punish him?