Cygames Release New Set For Shadowverse And Announces PAX 2017 Debut

Last Friday, 29th of September, Cygames announced that it will be in Melbourne for PAX Australia 2017 and then dropped it’s latest expansion for the digital CCG, Shadowverse.
The new expansion called “Starforged Legends” adds a whole new 104 cards to the current five available sets that have been previously released, making for an extended and unique experience.

Shadowverse, is a multiplayer digital card game (it has some solo story modes as well), launched in 2016 and Cygames will debut at PAX featuring tournaments, cosplayers, and giveaways.
They have stated recently “We’re excited to come to Melbourne and meet our fans, sharing Shadowverse with all the PAX attendees. We know how popular digital collectible card games are in Australia, and believe Shadowverse will offer attendees a blend of strategic Japanese CCG and quirky humour” said Dewi Tanner, Director of Western Operations.
Starforged will offer players a fresh, astrologically-themed experience for both the new and old. And while Starforged Legends propels the metagame to stellar heights, the World Grand Prix will see the game itself take a giant leap onto the global stage, featuring top Shadowverse players from all over the world competing in Tokyo on December 23 and 24, for a prize pool of $120,000 (USD). Shadowverse will be located in the main hall of PAX Australia at stand 2700.
Shadowverse is currently available on PC via Steam, on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and on Google Play for Android devices. For more information about the game, visit
As a side note, I really enjoy this game on a casual level and I think the “Evolve” mechanic is really interesting (where you can make a card better and more efficient after Evolving it in the game while playing for that game only, look it up, it’s a thing). So I suggest you try it out, especially when it’s free. – Chesh