Tainted Minds beat OpTic in CWL upset

Tainted Minds beat OpTic in CWL upset. Tainted Minds, the underdogs in the CWL Pro League Stage 2 managed a major upset which has shocked many. TM had not won a single game in their nine Pro League matches up to this point.
We all know OpTic to be the big guns, the scary team. So when TM took the first map Hardpoint Gibraltar, things started getting exciting for APAC fans.
OpTic’s victory in the S&D tied up the series to begin a gruelling series. Game 3 CTF, a miracle was produced with TM capturing five flags in three minutes in the second half to come back from a 1-5 loss to win 6-5.

An angry OpTic squad showed who’s boss taking London Docks 250-49.
However, game five came around S&D on Sainte Marie Du Monte, TM managed to get things to round 11, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. Tainted Minds Managed to clutch up and secure the series 3-2!!
The now 1-9 Tainted Minds are nowhere close to competing for a Playoff spot in Division B. This win will be a huge morale post. Especially, for a team that had to go through qualifiers to even play in the Pro League!
On the opposite side, although OpTic are heavy favourites to qualify, OpTic will mourn losing to a winless team. At 6-3, they now sit a full game behind Rise Nation for the top seed. And, this loss could prove to be the difference.

A chat with Nick ‘Sav’ Bobir

I had a conversation with CEO of Tainted Minds Nick ‘Sav‘ Bobir regarding the team and how he was feeling throughout the series. How did you feel before the match knowing the team hadn’t won a match yet?
Nick: The standings for us in the league were irrelevant at this point. Given we had come into a league where 90% of the teams had already had that quality practice for nearly 4-5months ahead of us. Coming from a region with next to no opportunity, always meant we had to play catch up, especially the first half of season. The top 8 placing at Anaheim was a combination of that practice and additional time in the states starting to click for the boys. Our end goal is building on the Anaheim placing and utilising the practice of this season to be in a good spot for COD champs in August. How did you feel knowing it was against OpTic?
Nick: It’s always great to get a win against a household name in Call of Duty in particular. I don’t think an Aussie team has beaten Optic before across the different title iterations. So, it’s a nice scalp to take. When TM won the CTF, what was your thought process?
Nick: The CTF was an amazing comeback given we were down 5-1 at halftime To rally back and win 6-5 when Optic had streaks was pure grit. CTF has probably been our best mode across the GPL and MLG events so I wasn’t surprised that we would win, just never expected to be in that fashion. End game came to round 11, how did you feel?
Nick: We have had the heartbreak of the round 11’s fall against us fairly regularly this WW2 season (At this point it’s a TM curse, regardless of which COD title it is) so it feels great to finally get one go our way.
Thank you Nick for taking the time to have a chat! Goodluck to Mindfreak and Tainted Minds in future games!