CWL Dallas Championship Sunday

The CWL Championship in Dallas over Sunday was full of excitement. If you want to catch up on what happened, read on!

Championship Sunday

Championship Sunday, what a day full of triumphs and upsets.
Mindfreak continued their loser bracket campaign facing Epsilon, taking the series 3-1. Moving forward and hoping to take Top 8 for the first time at an MLG event. Unfortunately, Echo Fox ended their run, Mindfreak losing 3-2. Placing Top 12 in the world.
OpTic Gaming were looking strong all weekend, not losing a series at all the team were fighting to win the first LAN of the COD year together since this particular team formed four years ago. OpTic came up against Team Kaliber in the winners final, hoping to secure their spot in the grand finale. But the underdogs Team Kaliber cleanly swept OpTic 3-0 sending them into the loser’s bracket.

Splyce v FaZe Clan

It came down to Splyce and FaZe Clan in the loser’s bracket. The winner would go on to verse OpTic Gaming for that Grand Final spot. With Splyce taking hardpoint they were looking confident, but FaZe came back hard, winning SnD and Capture the Flag. It was do or die for Splyce, pulling it together and winning the series 3-2, knocking FaZe out. Splyce would go on to face OpTic Gaming.
With a very convincing start, Splyce took Hardpoint from OpTic. OpTic not performing to their best, lost SnD and finally, Splyce knocked the World Champions out winning 3-0 and headed to the grand finale against Team Kaliber!
A very close hardpoint had everyone on the edge of their seats, but TK managed to take the map 250-230. A 1v4 from TK’s Accuracy saw them become a whole new level of confident as they took SnD from Splyce and were one map away from being crowned champs. Splyce bit back and managed to take Capture the flag and hardpoint, game five was on and it was a nail-biter.
Team Kaliber defeated Splyce in game 5 of SnD, winning their first ever major event.

Congratulations to all teams who competed over a very long weekend, next event is CWL New Orleans Jan 13-15!
Signing off,
Caitlan ‘Mystic’ Ingrey-Ferris.