Curious Humans Review

Curious Humans is a revealing card game where players have to correctly guess if statements made by their opponents are either true or false.

The Base Pack includes 340 Statement cards across four different categories: Sexy, Awkward, Controversial and General – along with 40 Twist cards and 20 answer cards.  Each Category is colour coded so you can easily add or remove cards depending on who you’re playing with.
Curious Humans is the perfect way to get the party started, break the ice at a work function or just learn more about your fellow humans.  But, remember… the truth may shock you!

How to Play

Play a statement card from your hand and answer the statement by placing either your True or False card face down in front of you.
Your opponents then try to match your answer by placing either their True or False card face down in front of them.
When all your opponents have put down a card, they flip their cards to reveal their answers.
Reveal your answer. Fool half (or more) to score! Remember to pick up another card from the deck so you always have 7 cards in your hand.

The Friendship ending hand
The Friendship ending hand

I already know what you are thinking, ‘Great another Cards against Humanity Clone.’

I know this because that is exactly what my friends thought when I brought them Curious Human. Over the years I have reviewed quite a number Party Games, all with this group. Very few have actually been a hit. Several have actually been sent back to designers with an email listing the issues we found.
At a recent BBQ, we sat down and played Curious Humans. It was a great opportunity to get to know one another more. As we were all friends, there we a number of people I knew just from these semi regular BBQs and dinners, and some I knew very well…. or so I thought.
We played for probably about 2 or so hours and the time flew by. We learnt things about one another, had several in-depth discussions and realised that several of my friends are kinky as hell. Like I’m talking 50 Shades of Grey being a kid’s book compared to them. It was quite eye opening.
That actually wasn’t the worst of it. Moving forward we have actually banned someone from these get togethers. I know you think this is harsh. But when the card, “I like Nickleback” appears and the person answers True to it.

Can you really truly forgive someone like that?   Is this someone you want to associate with?   I feel like the punishment fitted the crime!

Curious Human I feel, is a better game than Cards Against Humanity. As unlike CAH, it allows you to customise the deck based on who you are playing with. It also allows you to learn a lot about your friends and have in-depth discussions with them. Rather than just have people going for a shock value to win.
Curious Humans is a great game that is fun to play and literally brings people closer together. It has a level of intelligence and sophistication that other Party Games lack.
If you enjoy party games this is a game you will love. If you hate party games because you feel like they are all the same and are just Cards Against Humanity Clones, then you are so wrong. This game is so far from that, Cards Against Humanity wishes it was the intelligent and sophisticated. I can’t recommend this game enough.
If you want to buy your own copy of Curious Human, you can grab one here.