ESL CS:GO Oceanic Qualifier Grand Final Recap

Guest post - Will Dube

With a nail-biting finish to a promising series from both teams, one came on top. With a reverse sweep, ORDER beat Tainted Minds 2 – 3.


With a clean start on CT side on Inferno, Tainted Minds won 13 rounds to 2 by halftime, with no surprise, managed to easily pick up the win on inferno, and their second point due to a Default. (When a map is awarded to a team coming from the upper bracket in a double elimination format.)


Beginning to turn around, a clean first half by ORDER on Nuke scoring then a 14-1 by half-time on CT side, like tainted minds cleanly swept the last few rounds ending in a 16-1 for ORDER


Train was a tough one. When ORDER won the pistol round they snowballed until half-time, where the score was 12-3. It wasn’t until the 2nd round when Tainted Minds would attempt a huge comeback and score 3-12 for Tainted Minds, resulting in 15-15. When they went to overtime, ORDER had no problem with showing them their place, beating them in all overtime rounds, ending in 15:19 for ORDER.


The final and most important map Mirage, looked like Tainted Minds was going to win it all, with a 6 round lead in the 8th round, but overall finished with ORDER taking the half at 8 rounds to 7.  With the teams trading rounds in the second half, one team had to win. ORDER took Mirage with a 14:16 ending, granting them the Oceanic slot in IEM Katowice.

No matter who you support, I’m sure everyone will be supporting Oceania to hopefully take the world by storm and win IEM Katowice!

Watch the ESL CS:GO Oceanic Qualifier Grand Final

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