An interview with Corvidae after the Fortnite Summer Smash

Fortnite Summer Smash just recently wrapped up. Jack Huddo interviewed the Corvidae team to check in with the boys and talk about how they went.

About Fortnite Summer Smash

You may have seen the  floating around on Twitter and most other social media channels. If not, basically it was a 500K Fortnite tournament down in Melbourne over the weekend with some of the biggest names in the Fortnite scene from ANZ and even Dr Lupo and Valkyrae popped down under for the event.

If you have heard of Fortnite,  the  , Dr Lupo and Valkyrae, chances are you may have heard of the ANZ organisation Corvidae? Possibly not though. And if not, then you definitely haven’t heard of two of their Fortnite players Araki and Jynx.

After watching the Summer Smash and speaking with Corvidae’s owner Nathan we realised that even though Araki and Jynx played incredibly well, finishing 2nd place and 6th place they still did not get any air time. We wanted to continue the conversation with Nathan and showcase both of these legends.

The Interview

Here is a little interview with the guys after the event! This will give a little insight into the event and how they felt.


Jack: How did you feel going into the event?
Araki: I went in the tournament only expecting myself to win 1 grand so I was only a bit anxious playing the qualifiers as it was only 2 games after I qualified a lot of stress was relieved.

Were you worried at any point throughout the tournament?
During the finals, my first 2 games were 0 pointers and I figured I had to switch my playstyle.

Did you change your playstyle or strategies during the tournament?
After not making any points after 2 games I had to change things up a bit.

Did you expect your team to do as well as they did?
I only expected myself to make it to finals, nothing more or less of that.

You were pretty much top 10 the entire event. Did this give you more confidence knowing you were placing so well early on?
On game 3 I managed to snag 4 points and I heard it was a high placement and this gave me the confidence to just aim for a top 5 placement.


Jack: How did you feel going into the event?
Jynx: I felt confident going into this event as I have been performing consistent [sic] online over the last few months and we also attended another LEN prior to the Australian Open, and individually I placed 2nd (winning a solo and duo game).

Were you worried at any point throughout the tournament?
I was worried about qualifying as you only get to play 2 games, and in a battle royale, it is easy to get unlucky. Other than that I tried to stay confident.

Did you change your playstyle or strategies during the tournament?
Going into the tournament my strategy was to play more aggressive, but after 4 games of getting no points, I decided to change it up and go for placement points and try and get more kills late game.

Did you expect your team to do as well as they did?
I was very confident in our team going into this event because as I said before, we attended a LAN before the Australian Open and not only I came 2nd individually, but as a team, we also placed second in winnings. We have all been working hard and trying to constantly improves ourselves and each other.

How did you feel after that win and did you know you were in the top 10 after that? Did that change your gameplay at all?
After the win in the 5th game I was so relieved as I knew I could do it but the games before I hadn’t been doing so well, so winning a game definitely boosted my confidence in my own ability. As for knowing my placement, I knew that I was 100% going to be top 20, but to get 6th place blows my mind. After the win, I tried to use the same strategy for the last game but I got too aggressive so it didn’t really work out.

Final thoughts

It is really good to hear from both of these guys! They both played incredibly well and have some cash to take home at the end of it which is definitely a bonus.

Don’t forget to check out both of them and Corvidae on Twitter:

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