Cloud9 Steps Up in Counter Strike’s Most Historic Major

For the first time in Counter-Strike history, Cloud9 have on home turf taken North America’s first ever major victory, in an emotional final over powerhouse FaZe Clan.
They were seemingly given an impossible bracket run to the final in the Playoffs. They had matches against G2 Esports and SK Gaming. But, Cloud9 pulled out all the stops. They’re not just one of the only North American teams in a Major, but the first to take one home.
The final itself exceeding all the hype that prepared viewers for the spectacle. Over 1.1 million live viewers tuned in on the ELeagueTV English Twitch broadcast alone. The final stands as one of the most watched matches in all esports history. Not to mention, the region is considered to never be serious contenders for anything outside of quarterfinals.
Cloud9 showed they meant business passing SK Gaming in the semi-finals. (SK Gaming is currently considered the best team in the world). Onto the final, FaZe Clan looked near unstoppable and having eliminated Cloud9 in three different tournaments in the last six months alone.

Next: IEM Katowice

This final will without a doubt be written into the history books along with the other great victories in esports, and the roster of Cloud9 forever immortalized. With IEM Katowice fast approaching, all eyes will now be on the North American franchise to maintain their champion status.