ChinglishTv + Northlane = World premiere

When Music and Twitch come together

Today at 3PM AEST a very well known streamer here in Australia ChinglishTv will premiere a brand new song ‘Talking Heads’ from Northlane’s new album ‘Alien’ on his Twitch channel. Northlane is a hardcore band also from Australia.

ChinglishTv Tweet from today

This is not the first time Chinglish has partnered up with brands and bands to use his love of gaming and music to show off new music, new products and even events. The cool thing about the partnership with Northlane is that Chinglish has known the boys in the band for over 10 years so they are family to him and his community.

Instagram story from Northlane

The partnership works incredibly well as the hardcore scene and hardcore music has been such a huge part of his community ever since he started streaming 6+ years ago!

Head over to Chinglish’s channel HERE and check out this world premiere of Northlane’s new song ‘Talking Heads’

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