Mental health & gaming charity CheckPoint announces new community

CheckPoint is a non-profit organisation based in Australia and New Zealand. They focus on connecting video games and mental health.
Mental health is an issue that touches more people than you think because it affects everybody. At some stage, you will feel stressed and that means that your mental health is being affected. With this in mind, it’s great to see charities like CheckPoint that focus on mental health.
If you haven’t already heard about CheckPoint then now is a good time to learn about them and their initiatives.
As stated on their website, their mission is:
Improving the mental health of the gaming community by teaching them, supporting them and providing therapeutic resources.

What CheckPoint does to help mental health

CheckPoint offers information and resources on mental health. For example, they have online wellbeing courses and a section on their website that provides information about various mental health topics.
One of their coolest resources is their ‘Games for Wellbeing’ page. You’ll find a list of games there grouped based on what mental health issues they help improve. For example, clicking on ‘depression’ brings you a suggestion for Stardew Valley.
There are also several articles that talk about mental health and video games. There are articles there on coping mechanisms, game analyses and even articles talking about specific game characters.

CheckPoint’s GamerMates mental health community

If you’ve ever wanted to play games with like-minded people then CheckPoint’s new community might be what you need.
GamerMates helps gamers connect with other gamers who just love gaming. It also doubles as a support network where you can go to for more info on mental health and gaming.
You can join GamerMates for free by registering on You’ll have access to the community, achievements, giveaways, meetups and more.
Source: Reboot PR